SSC Officers

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  • Will all SSC officers get a Long Course like the regular 'X' officers?

An SSC officers of X/GS branch will be considered for Long Course in the seniority bracket of 2� to 4� years as Lt. They however, will be required to sign an undertaken to serve for five years on completion of Long Course.

  • Does long course confirm 14 yrs of service?

Selection for Long Courses does not automatically entail extension to 14 years of service. However, officers would be required to serve for atleast five years on completion of Long course. Extension of service beyond initial period (7 years/10 years), if required would be accorded to account for the aforesaid period, on receipt of undertaking.

  • Are there any kind of long course planned for ATC, Law or Education branch SSC officers?

Yes, this is subject to availability of suitable courses and Service requirements. 

  • During consideration for long course are there percentage of seats decided or earmarked for SSC officers ?

Selection is based on inter se merit of all officers being considered (PC and SSC), choice of course and Service requirements.