Medical Services

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Institute of Naval Medicine

Marine Medicine, which includes submarine medicine, diving medicine, maritime medicine and Hyperbaric medicine, is a specialized medical field of importance to Navy. This field of medicine focuses on ways and means of optimizing the health and job performance of our underwater and maritime fighters. The common goal is to increase the mission effectiveness by reducing attrition due to conditions (psychological, physical and physiological ) adverse, which may cause unfitness. We need to develop psychological and physiological principles for prolonged submerged sailings, safer submarine escape procedures , deeper dive capabilities; find answers to habitability, ergonomics and nutrition related problem of ships/submarines and other health issues of combat Naval personnel. There are a number of grey area in the field of submarine, diving, maritime and Hyperbaric medicine involving safety and efficiency of Naval personnel requiring in depth analysis and problem solving . So far we have been relying on our own resources for problem solving, innovating and establishing indigenous guidelines. Attempts are also being made to upgrade our capabilities from the experiences gained from our training establishments and operational results and also by conducting basic research at the Institute of Naval Medicine. The western world however has stolen the march on scientific and technological advances, which will certainly benefit Indian Navy to quickly achieve these aims. No expertise exists in the country in these fields other than with Indian Navy. In fact our offshore industries, budding commercial and recreational diving and underwater endeavors and Hyperbaric oxygen therapy units of hospitals, mainly look forward to Navy for expanding and updating their expertise. Indian Navy also imparts training in these specialties to officers and men of friendly foreign nations including Sri Lankan, Bangladesh and Myanmar. For the purpose of training, our own specialists, it is imperative that our staff be updated with the international bench marks. Also unlike for the other medical specialties, hardly any reference books and internet sites are available in these fields. Needless to say that other Navies will not part easily with the fund of knowledge and expertise gained by them in any media since such classified information may compromise their operations. Whenever opportunities arise we should expose select personnel to these specialties for imbibing nuances of these fields, personnel who can then disseminate their updated knowledge to our staff.