Institute of Naval Medicine

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Institute of Naval Medicine

Welcome to the Institute of Naval Medicine. This Indian Navy shore establishment at Colaba in Mumbai has developed over the last 46 years into a recognized centre of excellence for occupational health advice, training and research.


The primary aims of the Institute of Naval Medicine are

  1. To develop, maintain and impart standardized professional and specialist training to medical officers, probationer nurses and medical assistants of the Navy so as to assist the Naval Medical Services in the efficient performance of its role.
  2. To develop, maintain and impart training to divers, submariners and personnel of the Naval Air Arm so that they can effectively avoid hazards or recognize timely the various medical emergencies associated with their profession.
  3. To develop, maintain and impart training to civilian medical and non-medical personnel employed by the Merchant Navy, Civil Aviation and organisations like the ONGC, which are associated with civil maritime and diving operations.
  4. To conduct research on problems peculiar to the Navy so as to seek improvement in the practice of Military Medicine with special emphasis on Naval Medicine.
  5. To carry out habitability survey of ships and aircrafts as and when required so as to improve the fighting efficiency of the Navy.