Naval Institute of Dental Sciences

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Naval Dental CentreIn 1961 the Military Dental Centre at INHS Asvini was reorganized into a three chair "Naval Dental Centre" under the administrative control of a Dental Officer of the rank of surgeon commander. In 1998 Naval Dental Centre was re-designated as "NAVAL INSTITUTE OF DENTAL SCIENCES" (NIDS). In Feb 1999 it was relocated to its present state-of-the art double storied building.

NIDS, Mumbai is one of the premier and prestigious institutes of the Indian Navy, with the Dental Adviser (Navy) as the Director of the institute. On an average, 150 – 200 patients are registered for treatment at NIDS everyday. In addition to routine dental treatment, NIDS provides advanced specialist dental treatment in Prosthodontics, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, Orthodontics and Implantology. The patients from the peripheral dental centres are also referred to Naval Institute of Dental Sciences, Mumbai, for specialists opinion/treatment.

All the latest investigation facilities including the ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH and Cephalogram are available at NIDS. The dental laboratory of NIDS is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art equipment including induction casting machine, ceramic lab etc. and the facility is extended to all the dental establishments of Navy.

NIDS provides professional training to officers of MOBC courses during their professional phase. Various courses for the Paradental staff are conducted, which are recognized by the Dental Council of India. Periodic workshops/seminars are conducted at NIDS to update the professional skill of the dental officers in the services.

The multi potential role of NIDS also includes the standardization of dental stores procured by the AFMSD, Mumbai for consumption of all the dental centres of Navy.