Directorate of Naval Armament (DONA)

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About Us

Naval Armament Organisation is responsible for provisioning, procurement, storage, maintenance and timely supply of Naval Armament Stores (NA Stores) which comprises of ammunition, torpedoes, missiles, mines, bombs, rockets and other explosive items to the ships and establishment of Indian Navy and Coast Guard. Thus, the organization is carrying out the duties of equipping the ships and establishments of Indian Navy with reliable weaponry.

History of Organisation

Naval Armament Organisation came into existence on 25 Sep 1941, when Mr, RW Mittell was appointed as Naval Armament Supply Officer, India at Delhi. The post was upgraded to Director of Armament Supply in 1945, which was subsequently upgraded to Director General of Armament Supply (DGAS) during Mar 87. The Post of Director General of Armament Supply was re-designated as Director General of Naval Armament (DGONA) in the year 2004.

The Organisation became organised cadre of Government of India, namely Indian Naval Armament Services( INAS). Presently, the Organisation has complement of 112 INAS officer and is headed by Mr. GS Bhatnagar, INAS, Director General of Naval Armament (DGONA)


Ensure availability of serviceable Torpedoes/ Missiles/ Guns/ Ammunition by planning and procurement & undertaking repair/maintenance of armament in efficient manner.

Focused infrastructure development for providing repair/ maintenance/ storage of new armament under acquisition in various projects of Indian Navy

  • Thrust for indigenous development/ technology up-gradation of armament.
  • Improved training of personnel at all levels for their skill enhancement.
  • Automation through effective computerisation


Naval Armament Organisation to be a combat capable organisation to meet the reliable and modern weaponry requirement of Indian Naval Ships/ Establishments manned and maintained by professional and committed personnel, progressing with a concerted infrastructure development for new induction armament and efficient acquisition programme of armament so as to meet reserve requirement of all Naval platforms

Intake and making of Professional

Young and bright Engineers from Mechanical, Electrical and Electronic streams and personnel from M.Sc. Electronics are inducted in Naval Armament Organsiation under organized cadre namely Indian Naval Armament Services (INAS), through prestigious Indian Engineering Services examination conducted by Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). Initial training in the field of armament is imparted by Management and Armament Training Institute (MATI) at Visakhapatnam and subsequently specialised training at Defence Institute of Advanced Technology, Pune. The officers are then posted at major location in India viz.  Mumbai, Visakhapatnam, New Delhi, Kochi and Goa.

As part of mid service training, the officers are deputed to Defence Management Course, National Defence College Course, National Defence Staff Course etc.  

Further, the officers are also deputed to foreign countries on numerous occasions for training on weaponry, acceptance of stores etc.