Lost Malaysian Aircraft - Indian Navy Joins search operations

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Indian Navy Joins Search Operations of missing Malaysian Passenger Aircraft

Photos of search Operation:-





Search for MH 370 resumes:- (As on 20 Mar 14)

In continuation of the search for the Malaysian Airliner MH 370, the Indian Navy has deployed four warships viz. IN Ships Satpura, Sahyadri, Saryu and Batti Malv in the Bay of Bengal, the Andaman Sea & West of Andaman Islands.

In coordination of the surface search by ships, extensive air searches are also being conducted. One P 8I with Electro Optics/Infra Red (EO/IR) pods, one C 130J Hercules aircraft (of IAF) and one Dornier aircraft are undertaking searches in the area.
Additionally, one P 8I along with one C 130 J aircraft are being deployed to Malaysia. These aircraft would be joining the International Search Force by noon 21 Mar 14.
The Indian forces are in continuous touch with the Royal Malaysian Navy and Air Force from its Maritime Operations Centre at New Delhi and all possible help is being rendered towards SAR operations for MH 370.

Search Operation for MH 370 suspended:- (As on 16 Mar 14)

India has deployed numerous assets of the Indian Navy, Indian Air Force and Indian Coast Guard to search for the missing Malaysian Airlines aircraft MH 370. A total of six aircraft and six ships with their integral helicopters from the Tri-services Andaman & Nicobar Command, the Eastern Naval Command, the IAF and the Indian Coast Guard were deployed which have combed the designated search areas spanning across the Andaman Sea and the Bay of Bengal. Additional naval assets from the ENC were kept standby for immediate deployment.

Indian Navy, as the lead service, continues to maintain active coordination with the Royal Malaysian Navy and the Royal Malaysian Air Force from its Maritime Operations Centre at New Delhi which is being manned on a 24X7 basis.
So far no sighting or detection has been reported by the units deployed for searches in various designated areas.
The Malaysian authorities have now indicated that based on investigation, the search operations have entered a new phase and a strategy for further searches is being formulated. Accordingly, search operations have been suspended and all Indian assets earmarked for SAR operations have been placed on Standby.

Search Intensified for MH 370:- (As on 15 Mar 14)

India has further intensified its search efforts for the missing Malaysian Airlines MH 370  with additional naval and air assets being deployed for searching an expanded area in the Central and East Bay of Bengal.  

The third day of Indian search efforts saw the deployment of two recently acquired P8I Long Range Maritime Patrol aircraft of the Indian Navy and one C 130 J aircraft of the Indian Air Force in the Bay of Bengal and Andaman Sea. The Short Range Maritime Reconnaissance Dornier aircraft of the Indian Navy and the Coast Guard have also been extensively deployed for the ongoing search operations. 
Six ships (three each from the Indian Navy and the Indian Coast Guard) have been deployed, with the Indian Naval Ships Kesari and Saryu continuing their search as part of the International group in the Andaman Sea. In addition to Coast Guard ships Kanaklata Barua and Bhikaji Cama in the Andaman Sea, CGS Sagar has also been tasked for undertaking search in the Malacca Straits.    
Eastern Naval Command has also provided aircraft assets including the P8I aircraft for search in the Bay of Bengal. Additional ships and aircraft are standby for augmenting the search. So far, no sighting or detection has been reported by any of the units.
As the lead Service, the Indian Navy has maintained continuous liaison with the Operations Centres of the Royal Malaysian Navy and the Royal Malaysian Air Force so as to coordinate the ongoing multi-national efforts involving over 14 countries, 45 ships and 60 aircraft. The Indian Navy has coordinated search over an area spanning more than 2,50,000 sq km in the Andaman Sea and the Bay of Bengal thus far and search operations are expected to continue.

Indian Ships and Aircrafts to cover more area in Bay of Bengal in search of MH 370:- (As on 14 Mar 14)

Assets of the Indian Navy, Indian Coast Guard and IAF have been deployed in a coordinated search of the area in South Andaman Sea for the missing Malaysian Airliner. Indian Navy has been nominated as the lead service for the coordination of the operation. The joint effort is being coordinated from Maritime Operations Centre of the Indian Navy at New Delhi. 

Specific areas have been allocated by the Malaysian authorities for search by Indian ships and aircraft. Presently, two ships of Indian Navy, INS Saryu and INS Kumbhir are combing the designated areas in South Andaman Sea. INS Kesari has replaced INS Kumbhir at around 1500h today for the search as it is also carrying an integral helicopter.  In addition, two Coast Guard vessels are also carrying out search along the coastline. Two Dornier aircraft of Indian Navy and Coast Guard are also carrying out aerial search in the vicinity of the Andaman coastline. 
The Malaysian authorities have also requested for a search in the Bay of Bengal, expanse of which is approx. 9000 sq km (15 km X 600 Km). This area is approx. 900 km due West of Port Blair. Search in this area would be undertaken by the resources of Eastern Naval Command.  
The Joint Operations Room at Port Blair has been activated to monitor the progress of the search operations. The Commander-in-Chief Andaman and Nicobar Command has been nominated as the Overall Force Commander of the Indian Forces.