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INS Shivaji

  • The Establishment INS Shivaji is the Marine Engineering training establishment of the Navy. The surrounding hills and valleys have remained mute witnesses to the illustrious voyage of this ship with its commissioning on 15 Feb 1945. As HMIS Shivaji, it had cast off in the then uncharted waters of Marine Engineering. Today, it is more than half a century old and is a seat of advanced learning. Shivaji has been the fountainhead of engineering knowledge, imbibing in its alumni its very essence - PROFESSIONALISM, CONFIDENCE and STRENGTH.
  • Role The role of Shivaji is to impart training in engineering and marine technology to both officers and men whilst simultaneously ensuring a balanced overall development of individual personality and naval values. To this end, the establishment conducts ab-initio and specialisation courses for officers and sailors. The spectrum of officers' training encompasses cadets training, professional graduate level training at the Naval College of Engineering and post graduate Marine Engineering Specialisation Course (MESC) at the Centre of Marine Engineering Technology.
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