Coastal Security Exercise – East Coast Sagar Kavach 02-23

A two-day comprehensive Coastal Security Exercise Sagar Kavach 02/ 23 involving all maritime security agencies was conducted in Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and UT of Puducherry from 11-12 Oct 2023. The exercise was executed under the aegis of FOCINC ENC who also exercises the authority of Commander-in-Chief, Coastal Defence (East). About 2500 personnel including from Indian Navy, Indian Coast Guard, State and U/T Administration, Marine Police, Fisheries, Customs, Int Agencies, Light Houses, Ports Forest etc were engaged in the exercise. The exercise aimed to assess the efficacy and robustness of the coastal security mechanism while dealing with an asymmetric threat emanating from the sea. INS Kuthar, INS Tihayu, INS BattiMalv, INS Baratang and INS Bangaram along with assets of Indian Coast Guard and other coastal security agencies were deployed to augment surveillance in the area. Enhanced security measures were instituted and extensive aerial surveillance undertaken by Dornier aircraft and helicopters operating from Visakhapatnam, Chennai and Ramnathapuram. The exercise was closely monitored at Joint Operations Centre (East) at Visakhapatnam which is the nodal hub for all coastal security operations and exercises in area of operations. The exercise witnessed close coordination and synergy among all coastal security stakeholders. Lessons learnt from exercise would be incorporated to strengthen the coastal security architecture.

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