Sr. No. Date Title Description
2 19/03/2019 Portal of Gallantry Award Winners Dear Veterans, Details of Gallantry Award winners is hosted in the website Please accord wide publicity for this portal to garner more attention among the general public. Also, veterans are requested to forward any suggestions about the details of gallantry award winners to update the website with accurate data.
3 20/02/2019 Inaguration of National War Memorial - 25 Feb 19 Hon’ble PM will address a veterans rally at 1545h on 25 Feb 19 at National (Major Dhyaan Chand) stadium. Entry to the venue will be through gate no 5. Entry to the venue will be permitted with a valid Ex-serviceman ID / dependendant card from 1300 to 1500 h. Ladies are requested not to carry handbags etc. parking and lunch will be at Bhairon Marg. Veterans / veer Narees will be provided with dinner also. Water dispensers will be available at the venue. Water bottles may therefore be left in vehicles and will not be permitted inside. The hon’ble PM will thereafter dedicate the Rashtriya Sainik Smarak to the nation. Separate invites, very few, will be issued for dedication ceremony. All veterans/ veer narees are requested to attend the Hon’ble PM’s rally
4 18/02/2019 ECHS Applications Cleared by DOP Dear Veterans, List of ECHS applications of officers pending with DOP is uploaded in DESA website. 103 out of 115 applications are pending due for want of PPO details. Please follow the link Officers are requested to forward the PPO details to DOP(OA&R) or to DESA by email.
5 18/02/2019 Quarterdeck 2019 Dear Veterans, Quarterdeck 2019 has been published and the soft copy is uploaded in both DESA website and Indian Navy website. Click following links to download the same DESA Site : - Indian Navy site
6 11/01/2019 DESA E-newsletter Dec 2018 DESA E-newsletter Dec 2018 edition has been published and is available on DESA website. Follow this link to download the same
7 08/01/2019 Retired Officers Identity Card Retired officers Identity card will now be issued from each Command. Please read the detailed letter at
8 29/11/2018 Traveling Allowance for ECHS Patients New ECHS policy letter regarding Traveling Allowance for ECHS patients is available on ECHS website. Please follow the link to download / read the same
9 27/11/2018 Retired Officers Identity Card at INS India Retired Officers Identity cards in respect of the following veterans are available at INS India : - 03474-N, 02611-H, 02160-H, 02835-T, 03616-T, 50877-B, 02739-Z. Concerned veterans are requested to collect the same from Regulating Officer, INS India at the earliest.
10 15/11/2018 Procedure for Change of Pension Disbursing Authority PCDA(P) Allahabad has issued procedure for change of Pension Disbursing Authority (PDA) vide their Circular No 206. The same is uploaded in DESA website and can be viewed/downloaded by following the link


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