Sr. No. Date Title Description
31 24/10/2017 DGR Employment Seminar at Mumbai on 25 Nov 17 An ex-servicemen employment seminar under the aegis of HQ MG&G Area, Mumbai is being organised by DGR in association with Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) at Garrison Battalion Ground, Opposite INHS Asvini, Mumbai on 25 November 2017. All retired and retiring Armed Forces Personnel planning to seek employment may visit DGR website at and click on the link "DGR ESM Employment Seminar - Mumbai-23 Nov 2017" or log on to Entry for ESM Job Seekers inside venue on first come first server basis. No reference will be given to online registered candidates. Dress - Shirt & Tie/Mufti
32 29/09/2017 DESA E-newsletter Sep 2017 e-newsletter Sep 2017
33 25/09/2017 DGR PRC Courses for Officers 2017-18 Revised schedule for DGR PRC Courses for officers is published. Please click the icon below to view the schedule
34 08/08/2017 Updated Rules of VSF 2017 New Rules for Veteran Sailors' Forum as approved by AGM of 2015, confirmed by AGM of 2016, and approved by Registrar of Societies, South Delhi is uploaded for information of all members of VSF.
35 30/03/2017 DESA Enewsletter Mar 2017 Dear Veterans DESA E-Newsletter Mar 2017 has been published JDESA VSF
36 16/03/2017 Use of Naval Ranks Post retirement It has been observed that confusion still persists amongst the veteran community regarding use of rank along with name. Correct method of use of rank with name post retirement as per Regs Navy is explained
37 16/03/2017 26th Adm RD Katari Memorial Lecture 26th Admiral RD Katari memorial lecture was conducted on 10 Mar 17
38 16/03/2017 Veteran Officers Reunion Lunch 2017 Veteran Officers Reunion Lunch was conducted on 19 Feb 17
39 26/12/2016 Rendering of Digital Life Certificate 1. As all the naval pensioners are aware, the Annual Life Certificate needs to be submitted by all pensioners to their respective Pension Disbursement Agency (PDA) in the month of November every year. Subsequent to the launch of the Digital Life Certificate (Jeevan Pramaan) scheme in Nov 2014 by the Govt, DESA had issued a number of advisories to all veterans to obtain Aadhaar card, link their pension records and bank accounts with Aadhaar and finally register themselves in Jeevan Pramaan portal. 2. Since all pensioners are required to submit the Life Certificate in the month of November, all naval pensioners (both retired personnel and family pensioners) are requested to ensure that they are registered with the Jeevan Pramaan portal and render their Digital Life Certificate during the month of November 2016. Those who are not in possession of Aadhaar Card, settled abroad, or are not in a position to render Digital Life Certificate can continue to submit their life certificate to their respective PDAs (banks, Post Offices, treasuries, etc). 3. Please remember that if a pensioner does not submit the Life Certificate (either in paper or in digital format), the PDA will stop paying the pension. 4. With the e-PPOs in the anvil, for which digitisation of existing pension records are underway, it would be preferable for pensioners to register themselves with Jeevan Pramaan portal. This will ensure that rendering of the Life Certificate can be undertaken using more accessible devices and the Digital Certificates will be presented to the PDA automatically. 5. All are requested to accord vide publicity to this advisory among pensioners, especially family pensioners, in your social circles /media groups. 6. More detailed instructions are also available in this DESA Blog ( Team DESA
40 19/09/2016 Finalised Agenda for 8th AGM of VSF Agenda for 8th AGM of VSF is finalised. Follow the below link to download the same


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