Coaching & Courses
This section helps job seekers to prepare for transition to corporate jobs by imparting training on soft skills. These training modules are specially prepared by Wadhwani Foundation for naval veterans. The content is hosted in the website of Wadhwani Foundation. Instructions for users are as follows:
LearnWISE student login

To create a student id on LearnWISE please follow the below steps.

1. Go to
2. Enter a valid email id with which you would like to create the account
3. Click on the Next button
4. You will be taken to the Student Registration form
5. Enter the institute code as provided by the trainer. Please use Institute Code of WFCA2156
6. Enter the password that you would like to setup for this account
7. Confirm the password
8. Accept the EULA(End User License Agreement) by clicking on the check box
9. Click on Sign In
10. A verification email would have been sent to your Email address
11. Please check your Email and click on the link in the Email received to verify your Email id
12. Congratulations, you have created a student id and now you will be asked to update your profile details
13. On updating your profile you will land on the “Courses” tab where you will see the batch “INPA-ESM-CareerPrep-18” with a “JOIN” button
14. Click on the “JOIN” button to join the course
15. Now click on the batch name to start the course
16. You are all set to use LearnWISE.