Wet Waste Management at Naval Residential Area, Colaba

In keeping with the Government’s Swachchata Abhiyaan, the Naval residential area in Mumbai has commenced large scale composting of wet waste. The composting has commenced simultaneously as pilot projects in Navy Nagar and other Naval residential pockets in Colaba. The Navy Nagar pilot project was started with bioculture and guidance and consultation with BARC, with a modest quantity of 70 Kgs of wet waste in April this year. After the success of the pilot project, currently 1500 Kgs of wet waste is being processed and converted into compost everyday through in-house efforts. The composting capacity is being steadily increased to 4000 Kgs with the participation of all residents to finally achieve the goal of zero waste generation from Naval Residential Areas zero waste generating.

  • https://indiannavy.nic.in/
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