Materiel Branch

Principal Staff Officer Controllers And Director Generals Assistant Principal Staff Officer
Materiel Branch
Abbreviation Description
COM Chief of Materiel
COL Controller of Logistics
CSA,ILMS Chief System Administrator ILMS
ACOM(NSM) Assistant Chief of Materiel (Nuclear System Maintenance)
DNSES Directorate Nuclear Submarine Engineering Systems
DNSM Directorate Nuclear Submarine Maintenance
ACOM(IT&S) Assistant Chief of Materiel (Information Technology & Systems)
ACOM(D&R) Assistant Chief of Materiel (Dockyard & Refit)
ACOM(Mod) Assistant Chief of Materiel (Modernisation)
ACOL Assistant Controller of Logistics
DCV Directorate of Clothing & Victualing
DPRO Directorate of Procurement
DLS Directorate of Logistics
DTP Directorate of Transport
DME Directorate of Marine Engineering
DFM Directorate of Fleet Maintenance
DNA Directorate of Naval Architecture
DOI Directorate of Indigenisation
DODY Directorate of Dockyard
DEE Directorate of Electrical Engineering
DWE Directorate of Weapons & Equipments
DIT Directorate of Information & Technology
PMG(CMS) Directorate of PMG (CMS)