Firsts in Submarine Arm of IN

Firsts in Submarine Arm of IN
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1. The Pioneers of Submarine Arms The first group of SM trainees trained at HMS Dolphin in 1962.
2. First Indian Submarine INS Kalvari - 08 Dec 1967 under Cdr KS Subramanian.
3. First Submariner awarded MVC (Maha Vir Chakra) Cdr MN Samant
4. First Submariner awarded VrC ( Vir Chakra) Then Cdr VS Shekhawat (later CNS) 
5. First Submarine which participated in 1971 War-Operations (a) INS Karanj under Cdr VS Shekhawat (later CNS)
(b) INS Kursura under Cdr A Auditto
(c) INS Khanderi under Cdr Roy Milan
6. First Sindhughosh-Class Submarine of IN INS Sindhughosh, on 30 Apr 1986 under Cdr KC Verghese
7. First SSK-class Submarine IN INS Shishumar on 22 Sep 1986 under Cdr PM Bhate.
8. First Nuclear Submarine to operate under IN ensign. INS Chakra under Capt RN Ganesh (Jan 1988 to Jan 1991) 
9. First Indigenous SSK submarine constructed INS Shalki on 06 Feb 92, at MDL(MB) under Cdr KN Sushil.
10. First Missile Capable Submarine inducted INS Sindhushastra on 19 Jul 2000 under Cdr R Sarin
11. First SM Launched Missile Firing By INS Sindhushastra on 22 Jun 2000 off Russian coast
12. First Submarine Base commissioned INS Virbahu on 19 May 1971 under Cdr KS Subramanian
13. First Submarine Training Establishment INS Satavahana on 21 Dec 1974 under Cdr KN Dubash
14. First Director of Submarine Arm (DSA) Capt BK Dang 06 Jan 1966
15. First Director of Submarine Operations Cmde BS Uppal 01 Jul 1986
16. First Flag Officer Submarines Rear Adm A Auditto 01 Apr 1987
17. First ACNS(SM) Rear Adm AK Singh 14 Oct 1996
18. First Submariner to be CNS Admiral VS Shekhawat
19. First Submariner to command a nuclear submarine Capt RN Ganesh (INS Chakra)
20 First submariner to command an aircraft carrier Capt RN Ganesh (INS Vikrant)
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