Directorate of Quality Assurance (Naval)

Organisation Overview

Historical Background

After independence, Indian Navy made a modest beginning to indigenise stores for old ships inherited from the Royal Navy. Accordingly a Technical Cell at Naval Dockyard, Bombay was created in 1950.

In 1958, R&D was separated from Inspection and Directorate of Technical Development (DTD) was reorganized into five new Directorates, viz. Armament, Engineering, General, Electronics and Directorate of Stores Production (Navy). The Naval Directorate evolved from the Technical Cell of Naval dockyard and functioned with NHQ.

In Mar 1963, CGDP was designated as the Controller General of Inspection and Planning (CGIP). In Aug 1963, the Planning Cell of CGIP was placed directly under Secretary (DP) and CGIP was designated as Director General of Inspection (DGI). During the said restructuring, the Directorate of Stores Production (Navy) was transferred from Navy and brought under DGI as Directorate of Development and Inspection (Marine Stores), (DDI (MS)).

In order to meet the challenges of indigenous warship building, DDI (MS) was augmented with creation of Directorate of Warship Projects (DWP). In 1969 DDI(MS) was designated as Directorate of Production and Inspection

In 1987, DGI was designated as the Directorate General Quality Assurance (DGQA) and Directorate of Quality Assurance (Naval) (DQA (N)) and Directorate of Quality Assurance (Warship Projects), DQA (WP) came into existence.

The brief history of the establishments under DQA(N) is described in succeeding paragraphs:

Chief Quality Assurance Establishment (Naval Stores), Mumbai

The unit was established as Chief Inspectorate of Naval Stores on 24 Apr 1970 entrusted with the task of inspection of Naval stores in the Western region. The establishment was re-designated as Chief Quality Assurance Establishment (Naval Stores) on 10 Nov 1987 and assigned with the task of Quality Assurance of Naval Stores comprising of an inventory of approximately 2.15 Lakhs items

Presently the unit is functioning under the Administrative and Technical control of the Directorate of Quality Assurance (Naval), New Delhi.

Quality Assurance Establishment (Naval), Mumbai

The unit was established as Chief Inspectorate of Naval Stores on 24 Apr 1970 entrusted with the task of inspection of naval stores in the western region. The establishment re-designated as QAE (N) on 10 Nov 1987 and was assigned with the task of Quality Assurance of Naval Stores comprising of an inventory of approximately 2.15 Lakhs items.

Quality Assurance Establishment (Naval), Chennai

The origin of Quality Assurance Establishment (Naval), Chennai can be traced back to 11 Jul 1969, when Production and Inspection Establishment (Naval), PIE (N) was raised under the Directorate of Production & Inspection (Naval). The main charter of duties of the establishment then was to carry out an industrial survey to identify potential manufacturers capable of supplying equipment and stores to the Indian Navy.

Consequent to fast progress in the quality movement in the country, the defence quality assurance organizations were restructured and on 11 Nov 1987, PIE (N), Chennai was renamed as Quality Assurance Establishment (Naval), Chennai, QAE (N).

Quality Assurance Establishment (Naval), Secunderabad

Quality Assurance Establishment (Naval), Secunderabad was originally established as PIE (N) at Visakhapatnam in 1970. The Unit was shifted to Hyderabad in 1973 and redesignated as QAE(N) in 1980. The establishment shifted to its present premises at DGQA Technical Complex on 20 Nov 01.

Chief Quality Assurance Establishment (Weapon Spares), Mumbai

The Chief Quality Assurance Establishment (Weapon Spares) [CQAE (WS)] is a field unit of Directorate of Quality Assurance (Naval). CQAE (WS) came into being in May 1970. The initial charter of duties included Quality Assurance of Weapon Spares and Equipment and indigenisation of weapon spares as AHSP.

Subsequently, the charter was revised to include communication spares/equipment. The responsibility related to indigenisation was transferred to the IHQ MoD (Navy)/ DOI in Dec 05. The unit was entrusted with the responsibilities of QA for indigenously developed major Weapon Systems, Communication Systems and Spares.

Currently this establishment is involved with the QA coverage of major projects like BrahMos Launchers, Indigenous Rocket Launcher(IRL), Indigenous Twin Tube Launcher (ITTL), WM-18 Rocket Launcher, Stabilisation Platform for Radar Revathi, Degaussing System inspection, Main Broad Cast and Sound Reproduction Equipment. The unit rep is also a member of Weapon Procurement Committee for Indian Navy. The geographical jurisdiction of CQAE(WS) includes Maharashtra, Goa, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh (below Tropic of Cancer).

Quality Assurance Establishment (UB) Mumbai

This Establishment earlier known as Inspectorate of Underwater Batteries (IOUB) under Directorate of Production and Inspection (Naval), New Delhi - 110 066 was set up on 28 Mar 1974 at the premises of M/s Standard Batteries Ltd., Vakola, Bombay with the primary task of indigenisation and quality assurance of high energy Submarine Battery UPg-125 for Kursura class of Submarines. With the re-structure of DGI/ DPIN in the year 1985, this office's name changed as Quality Assurance Establishment (Underwater Batteries) and in May 1988, M/S Standard Batteries shifted to the location at Kanjurmarg (East) and this office was functioning at Kanjurmarg till Apr 08.

Subsequently, this office has been re-located at DGQA Complex, Vikhroli (West) w.e.f. Oct 08 due to shifting of M/s. M/s Exide Industries Limited to Taloja, Raigad District, Maharashtra. This establishment has successfully indigenised three different types of Submarine Batteries namely UPG-125, Type-I, and Type-II Batteries. Later the Upg-125 battery was successfully modified as Type-III battery by this establishment.

Quality Assurance Establishment (Naval), Badarpur, New Delhi

This establishment came into existence in Nov 1972 as Inspectorate of Eastern Fleet Stores and was under the administrative control of the Chief Inspectorate of Eastern Fleet Stores, Vishakhpatnam, which in turn was functioning under the Directorate of Production & Inspection (Naval).

In Aug 84, as a part of the reorganization of DPIN and DWP Organizations, this Establishment was re-designated as “Production & Inspection Establishment (Naval)” and came directly under the technical and administrative control of the Directorate of Production & Inspection (Naval). At the time of its inception, PIEN was situated in West Block 5, RK Puram, New Delhi. Subsequently from 01 Jun 84, PIEN was shifted to the rented premises at Faridabad. The establishment was renamed as QUALITY ASSURANCE ESTT (NAVAL) in 1988 and is presently functioning at DGQA Complex, Badarpur Border since March 2000.

Chief Quality Assurance Establishment (Warship Equipment), Bangalore

CQAE(WE) was established as Chief Inspectorate of Warship Equipment (South Zone) {CIWE(SZ)} on 12 Jan 1970 under Directorate of Warship Projects (DWP). The role of DWP and Directorate of Production & Inspection (Naval) {DPIN} were redefined in 1975. DPIN was made responsible for all electrical/ electronic/ weapon equipment. Therefore CIWE(SZ) was placed under DPIN with effect from 23 Mar 1979. The establishment was rechristened as Chief Quality Assurance Establishment (Warship Equipment) {CQAE(WE)} in the year 1987.

The establishment originally functioned from the premises of CQAL. 45 Acres of DGQA land at Jalahalli Camp Road, Yeshwanthpur was utilised to establish CQAE(WE), Complex. The technical facility and administrative block was commissioned and establishment started functioning from the present location w.e.f. 18 Sep 1990.

CQAE(WE) has the only Environmental Laboratory for Naval equipment. The facility at Environmental Lab are utilised by all the Naval QA organisations. In addition the Lab also provides payment testing service to private vendors.

DQA (Naval) Inspection Cell Hardiwar

DQA (Naval) Inspection cell was established w.e.f. 01 Feb 02 for a period of five years and subsequently it is functioning is extended from time to time. The cell is manned by one Officer of the rank of Commander and is assisted by one Junior Technical Officer (JTO) and one Technical Assistant (TA).

DQA (Naval) Inspection Cell Cossipore

The success of DQA (N) Inspection cell at Hardwar led to establishment of DQA (N) Inspection cell at GSF (Cossipore) in year 2006 for in-house inspection of close in rapid fire AK 630 Guns (approx 4000 rounds per minute) being manufactured by GSF Cossipore under TOT between OFB and M/S ROE (Russia). Initially the inspection cell has been set up for 05 years or till execution of manufacture of 100 guns for Navy. The establishment consists of one serving Naval Officer of the rank of Commander and two civilian gazetted officer JTOs.

Quality Assurance Establishment (Naval), Kolkata

This unit was set up in Feb 1956 as "Naval Overseer Calcutta" under the control of the Director of Stores Production (Navy) at NHQ. The original designation was altered to a functional title "Development & Inspection Establishment (Marine Stores). The unit was subsequently transferred from Ministry of Defence/ Naval Headquarters to Ministry of Defence Production/ erstwhile DGI and the title was changed to PIEN(CAL). The unit's name was finally changed to the present title QAEN(CAL) in early 80s.

Initially the unit was established to oversee and liaise with the Ordnance Factories located in West Bengal for production of General Naval Stores and to contact Manufacturers in the private sector of the eastern region for indigenous production of Naval Stores.

Over the years the role of this establishment has increased manifold so as to procure good quality material for Navy.

States of Assam, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Odessa, West Bengal and NE states come under the jurisdiction of QAE(N), Kolkata.

Quality Assurance Establishment (Naval), Kochi

QAE (N) Kochi was established as Production & Inspection Establishment in October 1975 sanctioned vide GoI , MoD letter No 8377 / DGI / N (A) /874 /S D(Prod) dated 23 Jun 1975. The unit started functioning in the premises of Naval Store Depot, Kochi which is presently Material Organisation, Kochi. The unit shifted to its present location in 1976. The unit was re-designated as Quality Assurance Establishment (Naval), Kochi in 1987.

Roles and functions

The DQA(N) is responsible to DGQA for the following:


To undertake Quality Assurance for Electrical, Electronics & Weapon Equipment and Naval Stores under procurement by Navy, Coast Guard and Shipyards for ships and submarines. Except those being undertaken by DGNAI.

Organisational Structure

  • DQA(N) HQ
    • CQACQAE (NS) Mumbai
    • CQAE (WE) Bangalore
    • CQAE (WS) Mumbai
    • QAE (N) Secunderabad
    • QAE (N) Mumbai
    • QAE (N) Kolkata
    • QAE (N) Chennai
    • QAE (N) Badarpur
    • QAE (N) Kochi
    • DQA (N) Cell Haridwar
    • QAE (UB) Mumbai


  • Assistance to NHQ to formulate SOTRs & RFPs
  • Participation in TNC and CNCs at MOD, NHQ, Command HQ
  • QA for Electrical, Electronics, Weapon equipment & Naval Store for ships and submarines
  • Participate in QA of Naval R &D Programme
  • Pre Delivery Inspection and participation in FATS
  • Lab Testing (Marine Paints, chemical and Environmental).
  • Quality Audit & surveillance for stores manufactured by Ordinance Factory
  • Substandard report & defect investigation
  • Cadre Controlling authority for DQA(N) cadre personnel
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