CNS Address - Key Takeaways at DRDO Directors Conference– 15 Oct 19

CNS Address - Key Takeaways at DRDO Directors Conference– 15 Oct 19

(Theme: - Navy’s Perspective on the ‘Way Forward for DRDO’)

At the outset I on behalf of the Navy wish to acknowledge, the rich contributions of DRDO.

DRDO & the IN have had several success stories born out of a long & close relationship
Induction of indigenous weapons & sensors
Joint development success stories
Large number of projects under various stages of development.

DRDO labs are therefore important for IN to maintain the technological edge which is so crucial in Naval Warfare.

When we discuss Warfare, Warfare and Technology are almost synonymous. Warfare is changing at rapid pace and is driven mainly by technology. Therefore there is a need to ensure…technologically up-to-date force. And what I have just said is laid down in the DRDO’s mission statement. I quote
“Provide Defence Services decisive edge by equipping them with internationally competitive systems and solutions”

In pursuit of this mission statement…determining factors…two T’s.
‘Time’ and

‘Time’…essence of developmental projects. Shorter incubation and execution periods…can help better harness and integrate ‘contemporary’ technologies that are galloping ahead.

In terms of technology I would like to quote Our Hon’ble Raksha Mantrih as said not so long ago…
“When nations go to war, the nation with better technology will win.”

For IN, maintaining the right ‘Technology’ mix crucial.
20% ships…slight vintage technology;
60% … contemporary technology;
20%…State-of-the-art technology beingimbibed.
This ratio…ideal…to ensure… change management of technology as we move along.
Here again the DRDO…important role in helping Navy maintain the right mix of force levels.

As we look into the future, we in the forces…aim to become a self-reliant force which is technologically empowered…

For which there is need for us to leap-frog the technology curve…

I have three recommendations

Our impetus therefore, in partnership with DRDO is to focus on ‘Niche’ technologies.

In this endeavour…need to engage adequate efforts and funding towards niche technology verticals.

Import substitution…best left to the Private Industry, which has matured substantially.

Here I would like to recommend that we take a closer look at the United States…DARPA Model…
Where a focused Team.
With adequate Funding.
Provided the right direction.
And given strict timelines. Can come up with few breaking innovation for Defence...

With India emerging as technological hub we need to encourage small-time Innovators…some of them servicing foreign requirements...

DRDO can support and encourage them… harness strengths of both verticals: -
DRDO…intellectual capital… institutional strength…financial capacity… production capability.
Innovators Ideas, with …speed and agility to meet timelines.

To Conclude.  On our part… Indian Navy is fully committed to Indigenisation and Self Reliance.

Proud of what has been achieved in collaboration with DRDO…
Also we are very lucky…several initiatives taken by GoI which is totally committed to “Make in India”….
So let us sieze this Golden Opportunity and collaborate closely to give our country a potent Navy that can deliver the punch in a future conflict.
Whole-heartedly support DRDO in all initiatives…

Thank you…Jai hind!

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