INS Kadamba

Historical Background

INS Kadamba was commissioned on 31 May 05 as the Base Depot Ship at Naval Base, Karwar. The name ‘Kadamba’ can be traced back to Kadamba Mayura Varma, the progenitor of the Kadamba dynasty, who was born in Banavasi, a small hamlet in Uttara Kannada district about 100 Kms from Karwar, around 300 AD. The dynasty held sway over an empire that stretched from West coast of Karnataka to Kanchipuram in the East and Gaya in the North. The Kadamba name for the dynasty was derived from the Kadamba tree near the family house in Banavasi. The lion was the royal emblem of Kadamba dynasty.

Function / Role

  • Acts as Base Support Ship for all additional units of Karwar.
  • Assist in progressive buildup of administrative, logistics, educational and support infrastructure at Karwar.
  • Execute duties of Station Commander (ECHS) and Naval Recruitment Establishment (NRE) for the conduct of recruitment of MR / NMR / SSR / DEDH in Karnataka.
  • Imparts training to all shore units in small arms firing and maintenance, sentry duties, parade training and firefighting.
  • Conduct all activities related to Veteran Sailors Forum (VSF) and Naval Regimental System (NRS) for the state of Karnataka.
  • Administration of KV, Karwar.
  • Setting up of Navy Children School, Karwar.

Major Achievements

  • INS Kadamba has acted as a support base for various operational requirements.
  • On 02 Oct 09, the neighboring villages around the naval base were affected by the flash flood and unit was actively involved in evacuation / rescue of villagers and provided them with temporary shelter.
  • Assistance to District authorities in clearing landslide in Kadwad about 10 Kms from Karwar and flood relief operation in Gadag district in Oct 09.
  • Assistance during the community interaction with the coastal villagers to provide safety instructions while they venture out to sea.
  • Instrumental in setting up of various facilities in the base which include Computer Training Centre to support higher education in computers for naval personnel and families, Library at Sailors Institute, Library in Sailors Married Accommodation area, State Bank of India Branch, Post Office, Community Hall, INCS complex all within the naval Base premises. Core banking facility with ATM kiosk, milk booth, fresh fruit, vegetable, grocery, vehicle mechanic shops for two / four wheelers are fully functional.
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